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The Power of Sun: The Network is the People.
We had a great reunion to celebrate our Sun experiences. Here's an update on the event:
* All four founders and over 150 senior execs attended.
* The attendee list included people from all years of Sun's existence, from employee #1 to some of the last pre-Oracle hires.
* We had over 1,000 colleagues from all over North America, as well as Europe and Australia.
Event Information

Event Information

Sun alumni said 'hello' to Sun founders, met up with friends, and caught up with long-lost colleagues at the Sun Reunion event. This was an evening no one will forget! At the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in Burlingame, CA. See more SunReunion event info.

Listened to the SunTalks from 2pm to 3:50pm.

We also had:
Sun Technology Pioneers and
Outstanding Women@Sun panels

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Sun Zodiac

Sun Zodiac

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